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AD146   "Asiphone" - IPhone Holder
AD287   "By the book" Bookend - for action books
AD285   "By the book" Bookend - for cookery books
AD286   "By the book" Bookend - for love and romance books
AD171   "Ringo" - Dog-shaped Magazine Holder
AD206   Alcatraz Wall Clock - Black
AD207   Alcatraz Wall Clock - White
clk4w   Analogous Didital Wall Clock
AD215   Bite Wall Clock - Green
AD216   Bite Wall Clock - Orange
AD214   Bite Wall Clock - Pink
AD252   Case Erased
AD164   Cat Vs. Crow - Paper Towel Holder - Black
AD226   Center of Jeruslaem Map Wall Clock - English
AD322   Chamsa against the evil eye – a door decor for the door's spyhole - Small, Blue
AD323   Chamsa against the evil eye – a door decor for the door's spyhole - Small, Silver
ANIMI1   Chocolate Coasters – brown
ANIMI2   Chocolate Coasters – white
AD200   Clocks Within a Clock
AD203   Clocks Within a Clock - Blue
AD202   Clocks Within a Clock - Orange
AD351   Clothes Hanger Rack
AD178   Cube Tower - Table Unit for Pictures & Memos
clkmdg   David Tower Wall Clock - Gold hands
clkmds   David Tower Wall Clock - Silver hands
tph1   Dog Toothpick Holder
AD166   Dog Vs. Cat - Kitchen Paper Towel Holder - Avocado Green
AD161   Dog Vs. Cat - Paper Towel Holder - Black
AD163   Dog Vs. Cat - Paper Towel Holder - Red
AD155   Dripping Napkin Holder - Cream white
AD153   Dripping Napkin Holder - White
AD253   Erase-X
AD290   Extreme Bike Rider
AD292   Extreme Bike Rider
ex4b   Extreme Skateboard Rider
AD100   Falling Bookend
AD275   Gecko rack
AD270   Good Dog - black
AD272   Good Dog - bronze
AD271   Good Dog - stone white
hmsr   Hamsa Hamsa Hamsa Wall Hanger
hrs1   Horse and Rider Metal Sculpture
hrs2   Horse and Rider Metal Sculpture
hrs3   Horse and Rider Metal Sculpture
AD260   In Sink
AD160   In Treatment Tissue Box Cover
DSL3   InBox – Storage boxes
AD118   Inbox Paperwork Holder
AD222   Jaffa Map Wall Clock - English
AD234   Jerusalem Map ("Jaffa Gate") Wall Clock
AD876   Knock Knock Jokes Key Chain
AD140   Lovebirds - Metal Sculpture
AD157   Matzah Holder - Bordeaux (vino)
AD158   Matzah Holder - Bronze
AD180   Naked Woman - Business Card Holder
AD247   Notebook Yardsticks
ma26   Paddleball players26
ma39   Paddleball players39
ma410   Paddleball players410
ma510   Paddleball players510
DSL2   Palette-It - Pallet Coasters
AD182   Paper Plane - Business Card Holder
AD240   Pencil Broom
AD242-AD243   Pencil End Cup
AD282   Phraser - "Be Right Back" - Blue
AD281   Phraser - "Be Right Back" - Red
AD284   Phraser - "To Be Continued.." - Blue
AD283   Phraser - "To Be Continued.." - Red
AD185   Plankton - pot strainer - Avocado Green
AD186   Plankton - pot strainer - Blue
AD187   Plankton - pot strainer - Grey
AD363   Primavera Bottle Vase - Black
AD364   Primavera Bottle Vase - Red
AD362   Primavera Bottle Vase - White
AD130   Razor Bottle Opener
AD150   Red Napkin Holder
AD174   Ringo Puppy Memo Paper Holder - Black
AD176   Ringo Puppy Memo Paper Holder - Red
AD175   Ringo Puppy Memo Paper Holder - White
DSL1   S&P Cones - Salt & Pepper Cone Set
AD110   Spare Some Change - Saxophonist Coin Holder
AD360   Squirrel Nut Cracker
AD359   Squirrel Nut Cracker - new model
AD189   Stove Trivet - Metal
AD188   Stove Trivet - Silicone
AD280   The Bookmarker
EM100   Tube coasters
AD120   Warming Candle Holder
AD135   Wine for Your Life - Wine Bottle Holder
AD277   Wine Waiter - Kitchen Towel Hanger
AD245   Yardsticks - Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

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