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Paper Planes Wall Hangers

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Paper plane hangers 

A set of 3 hangers, shaped as paper airplanes, appearing as partly stuck inside the wall.

Imagine your paper planes from childhood floating, flying and.. getting stuck in the wall.
These hangers will lift your spirit and make you smile wherever you hang them.

 Mounting directions:

-       Select a wall section for the hangers as pleases you.

-       Use the supplied screws for a secure and stable mounting.


Sizes (per unit): H 3 x W 8.5 x L 11.5 cm. (1.2 x 3.4 x 4.5 in)

Weight (per set): 150 g. (0.33 lbs.)

Color: white.

Made of metal. Kit includes bolts

Sold in a cardboard box


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